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Plumbing Services in Needville Since 1962

Janicek’s Plumbing is happy to provide dependable plumbing services in Needville, TX. Created by Joe Janicek in 1962, our team of experienced plumbing specialists do honor to Joe’s tradition of serving residents of Needville with high-quality plumbing customer service, installation, and repair. From water leak repair to faucet installation, drain cleaning to water heater replacement, pressure testing, home installations, line work and piping, and many additional plumber services – Janicek’s Plumbing is here to assist.


Needville’s Rich History

Located in Fort Bend County, Needville is a small city located in Fort Bend County, Texas. The city was established in 1891 when August Schendel donated land to the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway for the development of a railroad station. The city was named after Joe S. Needham, a prominent businessman who was instrumental in the city’s growth and development. Throughout the years, Needville has been an important agricultural and transportation hub in Texas, with cotton and rice being the major crops. Today, the city is known for its vibrant community, historic landmarks, and annual events, including the Harvest Festival and the Bluegrass Festival.


Our team of local area plumbers has lived and worked within this thriving community for more than six decades of the town’s history. It’s no wonder why Janicek’s Plumbing is thought of as one of the best plumbing companies in Needville, TX, for plumbing maintenance, repair, and installation.


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