Water Repiping Specialists

Janicek’s Plumbing offers affordable water repiping services to stop the leaky pipes in your home or business. Contact us today for a quote.

Repiping involves the replacement of the pipes in your plumbing system and is a crucial aspect of maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your system. At Janicek’s Plumbing, we’re proud to be a repiping specialist near you. We understand the importance of this service and are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality repiping services by using PEX pipes.

One of the major benefits of using PEX pipes for repiping is their durability. PEX pipes are made of a flexible, cross-linked polyethylene material that is resistant to corrosion and cracking, making them much more durable than traditional copper or galvanized steel pipes. In many cases, insulated pex pipe has shown to be more durable in cold weather. This means that PEX pipes may be less likely to crack or leak, which can save you money on repairs.

Another major benefit of PEX pipes is their flexibility. Because PEX pipes are flexible, they can bend and move with your home’s foundation, reducing the likelihood of leaks and cracks in the pipes. This is particularly important for homes with older, rigid pipes that may be more susceptible to damage.

PEX pipes are also much easier to install than traditional copper or steel pipes. They are lightweight, easy to handle and can be installed in tight spaces and around corners, making them a great option for both new construction and renovation projects. With PEX pipes, the cost to repipe a house is lower than traditional repiping.

At Janicek’s Plumbing, we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your water supply line re-piping is done quickly and efficiently. Our repipe specialists are highly trained in the installation and maintenance of PEX pipes and will work with you to ensure that your new water supply lines are installed correctly and to the highest standards.

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your water supply lines, or if you’re interested in upgrading to PEX pipes, contact Janicek’s Plumbing today to schedule your repiping service. Our team will work with you to design a solution that meets your specific needs and budget, giving you peace of mind and protecting your property.