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60+ Years of Sealy Plumbing Services

Janicek’s Plumbing offers a great selection of plumbing services in Sealy, TX. Founded in 1962 by Joe Janicek, we honor Joe’s tradition of serving Sealy residents with expert plumbing repair, installation, and customer service. From faucet installation to water leak repair, drain cleaning to water heater replacement, repiping and plumbing line work, new home installations, pressure testing, and many other needed services.


Sealy’s Singular History

Sealy, Texas, has a long business history, ranging from railway transportation to agriculture to the ever-popular Sealy Mattress. Named after its founder, George Sealy, the city of Sealy has changed much over the years, but has stayed strong to its values and hard-working business ethic. Our team of local plumbers, with decades of combined experience, has served this thriving community for nearly half of its history. It’s easy to see why Janicek’s Plumbing is considered to be one of the best plumbers in Sealy, TX, for plumbing installation and repair.


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